The Mid Mod Ranch Project

Built in 1957, our mid century ranch style home in greater Meyerland, Houston was purchased by us in 2003. We want to preserve the craft of good design as the balance of aesthetics and utility that the era of modernism, within which our house was built, so well defines. Join us on our remodeling journey through the wonderful world of mid mod design.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hall Bathroom Cabinetry

Here are the off-the-shelf-custom cabinets purchased from Ikea for the hall bath:

At just under seven by six feet of space and eleven inches deep, this gives us plenty of room for linens and sundries. As always, our thanks to designer Debbie Gersh of Creativities for her timely advice and intuitive knowledge of not only our needs but our craves as well.

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