The Mid Mod Ranch Project

Built in 1957, our mid century ranch style home in greater Meyerland, Houston was purchased by us in 2003. We want to preserve the craft of good design as the balance of aesthetics and utility that the era of modernism, within which our house was built, so well defines. Join us on our remodeling journey through the wonderful world of mid mod design.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Master Bedroom Project

We are currently in the throes of remodeling our MBR. Our contractor Martin Velazquez is here with his crew sanding, coping, painting, sawing, nailing. It seems though we're only remodeling one room, suddenly there is an explosion of spare furniture everywhere in the house.
Some snapshots of the work in progress follow.
The original molding, from 1957:
Before we purchased our home it had been "remodeled" and the contractor used colonial style trim (duh?) where he had to replace the molding around doorways or windows. I'm thankful he hodge-podged it and left most of the original.
We chose the closest approximation of new molding we could find, which looks a heck of a lot better than the colonial style did (I'll spare you the injury of photos of the pukey Lowe's colonial trim). The new trim, not yet painted:

Goodbye "believable buff" ceilings! The new (unpainted) crown molding:

The new (unpainted) baseboards:

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