The Mid Mod Ranch Project

Built in 1957, our mid century ranch style home in greater Meyerland, Houston was purchased by us in 2003. We want to preserve the craft of good design as the balance of aesthetics and utility that the era of modernism, within which our house was built, so well defines. Join us on our remodeling journey through the wonderful world of mid mod design.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Installed Yesterday

We had this yank down spray faucet installed yesterday.

Complete with kitchky 1940's cast iron bottle opener (just like the one Grandma had on the patio of her swank mid century ranch in Denver) direct from the Lodge factory in South Pittsburg, Tennessee (thirty minutes from where Chris grew up) and Royal Copley pottery mare and colt vase circa 1950's (thanks Mom!).
Hindsight: I'm grasping here 'cause I really like this faucet, but if I had to do it again I may have chosen one with the magnets in the yank out connection.

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