The Mid Mod Ranch Project

Built in 1957, our mid century ranch style home in greater Meyerland, Houston was purchased by us in 2003. We want to preserve the craft of good design as the balance of aesthetics and utility that the era of modernism, within which our house was built, so well defines. Join us on our remodeling journey through the wonderful world of mid mod design.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gloating Rights

My brother found these original Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Brno flat chairs at an estate sale in (of all places!) Pineville Louisiana (lovingly referred to as "Booger Holler" by Bill and Jamie). They had been in an architect's office and everything was being sold as "junk." Bill paid less than $50 (yes, that's no typo: it's FIFTY dollars) each for two of them, and gave them to our mom who uses them as her kitchen table chairs. Niiiiiice.

These Knoll Bertoia side chairs came from the same sale. He gave $35 dollars each for four of them, which he uses as their kitchen table chairs. After a meal the back of your thighs look like waffles but who cares-- 'cause they're AWESOME!

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